Indie Developer Interview – Zombies (Ate My Neighbors) MOD

Indie Developer Interview – Zombies (Ate My Neighbors) MOD

Something a little different today, I caught up with @dude27th on Twitter about their work on a Zombies mod they’re working on using the Doom engine. It’s a 1:1 remake from the progress I’ve seen so far but as to be expected when using Doom as the base it’s now in 3D!

Zombies is one of my favorite games from the 16 bit era and Doom is one of my favorite FPS game so for me this is a project I’m very excited to be supporting. So I thought I’d reach out to the developer to hear more about the project. I show off a little bit of gameplay in my video here – if you want to see what to expect.

First off I’d like to thank you for taking part in this interview, I love projects like this so I’m always excited when I stumble across them and especially when the developer takes the time to share more information about it.

 Would you like to introduce yourself to the readers and tell us what game development background if any you have?

Hi ! My name is Sebastián Galindo but I’m more know as “Dude27th” or as “that guy who is making that zombies ate my neighbors mod”.

I’m a Chilean Doom Modder, relatively new to the modding scene but I’ve been interested in making something like this for several years now.

I have pretty much no development background except for knowing the basics of Java and reading obsesively the ZDoom wiki XD.

I know for me at least, Zombies is an absolute classic for the 16 bit systems.  What made you decide to give it the ‘remake’ treatment?

Well I call this project something of a “Re-Imagination” of the original game in a different gameplay perspective more than a ‘remake’ actually. Because I don’t want to replace the original game more than paying a tribute to it by trying to understanding it and see if can be done in a first person environment. And obviously I played countless times the SNES ZAMN as well than the Genesis/Mega Drive ZAMN so if some game I wanted to implement for this project ZAMN was a obvious choice.

Have you run into any problems getting the game to work as you intended?

Yes constantly! As I mentioned before I’m pretty knew about modding Doom, let alone recreating a game in the engine so I most of the time I had to relay in Trial & Error until it works as it’s supposed to.

What has been the most exciting part of the project so far?

It depends, if do you mean exciting in an accomplishment kind of way I’d say that just finishing some tasks like creating a new enemy , or some new textures or models is always satisfying when I can see them in game and look good actually.

Now if do you mean in a “what’s the most funny thing that I ran too” while making this project is when something doesn’t work as expected giving bizarre results.

Like the Chainsaw Maniacs spinning uncontrollably while attacking, the Evil Dolls spawning and immediately despawning because they didn’t see the player Zombies going for a victim and just instantaneously forgetting what they were doing, is quite fun.

The game is HUGE and full of Easter eggs, do you plan to include the whole game and maybe a few Easter eggs of your own?

I would really like to include the whole game, but it would take me years if I continue as I work now handling the entire project by myself.

If I would have to stop at some point because I couldn’t continue with the project, I would like to have at least 12 maps included in the project, so I can feel that even if it’s not completely done it has some fun and content to provide.

And about the Easter eggs, I already included a little TV in the Level 4 , which was a Ghoul Patrol Sprite but with the ZAMNlogo.And I’m planning to add some Easter Eggs levels as well, like one based in a Chinese ZAMN bootleg called “Elf Wor” , or a level based on the beta version of ZAMN which was deleted for the retail version.

Where can people find you/more information about the game/support you?

Oh, mostly on Twitter, on my YouTube Channel or in my ModDB page:





Do you have any plans to expand this project to other platforms? What can we expect in future versions of this project?”

Well at the moment as it runs on GZDoom the fact on in which platforms it could run it will depend entirely in the platforms that support GZDoom as well. But at the moment I’ll plan to develop it mainly for pc as always.

About future versions I’m currently working on adding Co-Op support which I hope it will be ready for this Halloween ^^

And I’ll expand in the score system and obviously more levels, weapons and enemies in future demos as well.

What tips do you have for anyone out there who might be considering getting into game development?

Well I’d say that if you want to create something you should just do it.

Find a platform in which you are comfortable working with and just start experimenting with it until you make something, you’ll never know where you can get if you keep trying a little more.

And also that GZDoom is really flexible for game development.

Anything else I may not have asked that you’d like to add?

Also I would like to add that when I started with this project I knew close to nothing about working in a project like this , and I had to start again a couple of times to have something I could start feeling proud of creating.

All of the rest I just learned it by trying once and again and again, until I became skilled enough to make something with it.

Once again thank you for taking the time to answer my questions on your work. If you’re interested in hearing more about the project or trying it out for yourself please check out the links posted above. I’m following this one closely and what I’ve played so far has been amazing.


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