DAMN! A Spiritual Successor to ZAMN!

DAMN! A Spiritual Successor to ZAMN!

Follow me back in time to the 1990’s when the SNES and Mega Drive/Genesis were fighting it out to see who was best. Each had their own amazing exclusives, there’s no doubt about that but some of my favorite games from those systems were from 3 rd party developers. And Zombies Ate My Neighbors or Zombies! If you’re from a PAL region was no exception. With its vast array of weapons, horror movie references and enemies, it was jam packed! If you had the SNES version you were even more censored with purple goo instead of blood, an axe for the lumberjack instead of a chainsaw, (I’m not sure who thought either was less violent than the other but I digress).

Fans of the game like myself eagerly awaited a sequel, and well, we didn’t get exactly what we were hoping for. We got Ghoul Patrol which was licensed out to be made and while it is fun it just lacks that spark from the original.

But why am I rambling on about this game you may be wondering. Well that’s because there’s a new contender in town. We have a new developer trying to recapture the magic we felt with the original with a ‘spiritual successor’ to one of my favorite SNES games.

They have been very secretive so far about any details about DAMN! It was originally titled ‘Neighborhood Watch’ but I have to agree with the team that DAMN! sounds cooler! And given that Zombies Ate My Neighbors is abbreviated to ZAMN it fits perfectly. But from images they’ve shared we can assume this time we will have 5 characters to chose from. But I thought instead of just guessing details about the game I’d talk to the team behind it instead.

Thank you for taking the time to answer some of my questions.

Do you want to tell us who you are and what your role in the team is?

My name is Kian and I’m the Director of the Game

As you can see above I hold ZAMN in high regard, what is it about the game that makes you want to make DAMN?

There’s an amazing balance between gameplay, humor, wackiness, and horror in ZAMN, and there straight up just aren’t enough co-op games these days – we wanted to bring that energy and fun into 2020.

Newest Screenshot In Game (You Can See Some HUD Changes)

How long has the game been in development?  Your Twitter page or website gives away very little details but we can see the Twitter account was set up in July 2017.

It’s been a side passion-project incubated by Greg Johnson of ToeJam & Earl fame – the original idea was pitched by our founder Tommy Bonsignore to Greg – and Greg began to incubate it with some team members – Around last year I joined the team as project manager to see if we could make a demo – and since then the team has grown and the game has seen a major shift – from 2D – 3D, and a lot of cool new systems have been added.

Considering the game you’re making a ‘spiritual sequel for’ is known for its wide array of weapons, enemies, levels and secrets, can we expect more of the same?

Hopefully you can expect more! – We’re going with a roguelike model – so obviously no two games will be the same, and secrets will shift. In terms of weapons – we’re building out fun twin-stick shooter mechanics with progression systems and a ton of fun 80’s and 90’s household subweapons.

We all know what ZAMN stands for; can we know what DAMN stands for? Demons Ate My Neighbors perhaps?

DAMN! You’ve cornered me – you’re going to have to wait til July 29th. 😀

I’m loving the mystery behind it! You mention July 29th to find out the meaning behind DAMN! Does that mean there will be a trailer?

Actually – the 29th is tentative – but you’ll be definitely seeing something before end of summer. We’ll have video footage, get hyped.

The game is advertised as a co op game, is that local only or are you hoping to have online features?

Co-op is definitely a part of the package – we’re exploring how online will work, but it’s to be seen.

You’ve teased an image with 5 characters does that mean we will be able to player 4 player local co op?

The plan now is 2-player – and so far, we’re confirming only April & Joey as our leads.

Where will the game see releases (ps4/pc/switch etc)?

To be determined! Nothing confirmed yet, hoping for most.

Will there be a physical release if it does come to consoles?

We’d love one.

In the image you shared we can see what looks like a giant skeleton, can we expect huge enemies like we did with that DAMN! Toddler in ZAMN?

 I’m all for gigantic enemies, especially the ones made of multiple pieces – it wouldn’t be a ZAMN-LIKE if we didn’t have SOMETHING like that. 

We can see a few weapons including DJ decks in this image as well,  will these be weapons in game?

That’s from some old art, with some scrapped characters that may show up down-the-road. Our weapons will be more makeshift, household, and 80’s/90’s. Like, imagine a Skip-It – but it constantly swings around you, hurting enemies and defending you when you come close. We think it’s fun to bring life and attack power to stuff kids pretended were weapons anyway – so you’ll see a lot of that.  

Is there anything I haven’t covered that you’d like the readers to know?

As ZAMN evoked the horror eras 30 years past – we’re doing the same – with 80’s and 90s teen horror, and this time – not every neighbor will come nicely – Damned Neighbors AKA Tuned-Out Citizens – have a chance to become completely possessed and turn into mini boss fights. Depending on your weapons – you’ll have a chance to DAMN! or Deliver them from evil – and this will affect your game. It’s an interesting system that’s a hybrid between something like Sekiro and MGS – and now there’s a way to help you find citizens with the RadWatch – details coming soon.

Wow I can’t wait to find out more about this release, the images look great and you gave some great answers to keep me intrigued. I’d love to hear what the readers thoughts on this one are, will you be keeping an eye out? Be sure to follow team over on Twitter here https://twitter.com/Watch – and give me a follow because as soon as I know more I’ll be sure to keep you updated as well – https://twitter.com/BudgetNostalgia.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for a Switch release so thought I’d make a quick mock up image to see how it would look.


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