Pixel Bison Indie/AAA/Retro Gaming Magazine – Review

Pixel Bison Indie/AAA/Retro Gaming Magazine – Review

Well if you follow me on Twitter you’ve undoubtedly seen Pixel Bison in some form or another, I’ve been sharing any post I’ve seen about the magazine for the past month or so. You may be wondering ‘but why are you so supportive when you haven’t even seen the magazine?’ Which is a fair point, how do we know it’s even any good?

Well Andrew is a great friend to me behind the avatars and tweets and it’s there that you see his even more of his true passion for gaming. In fact his love of games has followed him through life, studying HNC in Computer & Systems Development with Game and Mobile App Development in college he even went as far as to lay the foundations for a game, with his artistic skills, which sadly hasn’t see a release . . .well not yet at least. With Andrew on this new found path you just never know where it may lead. Maybe wishful thinking on part but, I digress.


The main focus of the magazine is the amazing Indie games that we’re seeing recently, Andrew, being the caring guy he is, wanted to put the spotlight on them as they don’t always get the recognition they deserve. But as a fan of all things gaming, he knew that he had to include more. Pixel Bison may focus predominantly on Indie titles as its driving force but it also covers AAA and Retro Games as well. It was important to include all these genres as Andrew is a gaming fan through and through. His love of retro gaming was was started back when what we call ‘retro games’ now were the modern ones of the time. And with an Uncle who owned a rental store, Andrew really had his ‘kid in a candy store moment’. One of his most rented titles was Jurassic Park on the Mega Drive. The store had a bit of an issue but when Andrew went back to leave the rental back his Uncle told him to keep it, a great gift and a game that still holds pride of place in his collection to this day.

Surprisingly, to me at least, a few weeks before launch Andrew reached out the retro community, one that he is a very active part in, and asked if anyone wanted to be featured in his magazine. An amazing opportunity that some of us grabbed with both hands and ran with. I can’t speak for everyone else but it’s not everyday an opportunity like this arises to be featured in a gaming magazine, a true dream come true, so you have to take the chance. With a perfect question that I’m sure any of us could answer in our sleep “Why am I passionate about retro gaming”. It was a no brainer, for me it’s . . . well of course you’ll need to grab the magazine to find out.

Now with the magazine in hand I wanted to share my first impressions. . .

What To Expect

First thing I noticed right away is the hard work and dedication put into this. This A5 glossly beauty consists of 46 pages (including the outer cover). If you’ve never got an A5 magazine before it may look small but this bite sized beauty it packs quite a punch. I’ve read a couple of other magazines of a similar size but they lack the quality and content of this one. Of course there are gaming magazines cheaper and from more mainstream publications but even some of them lack this quality and that’s what you’re paying for here.

The cover is nice and thick, truly something that will last the test of time if looked after correctly and the cover is perfect for display in any game room. There’s no staples here either, the book is beautifully bound.

Content wise this is jam packed! It’s got interviews, reviews, personal stories from the retro community, indie games and AAA titles. Included with issue 1 (while stocks last) is a pin badge from the incredible Roki team and an A4 poster, (that I’m honored to have designed), for the game Quest Arrest from John Roo.

There is only one SMALL niggle that I noticed, and funny it’s one that Andrew himself made a note of with me and that’s that the text is close to the edge on a couple of pages. It didn’t hinder my enjoyment of the magazine one bit and it’s something he is already took steps towards resolving; when preparing for with the 2nd issue that he is already hard at work at. Being a first release for him it’s bound to have some slight hiccups here and there, it’s a learning process after all and this is the only thing I noticed in an otherwise FLAWLESS release.

But he absolutely smashed it and I can say with absolute certainty that Pixel Bison has a new subscriber!

When Andrew first teased that he was creating something, I don’t think any of us imagined it would be a new gaming publication. He mentioned a few times that quality was one of his main aims with the magazine and this does have the allure you expect from a premium product. Bursting at the seams with content this was a worthy buy for me. And seeing a few familiar faces included is a true testament to Andrews’s passion for the retro gaming community spirit as well.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how it evolves over time (he already has a few ideas, one of which is mentioned in the interview I did with him).

It’s hard to believe with the quality that this is a first copy of his magazine, it’s beautifully presented, the layout is perfect and it’s a brilliant read. The font and colours all work very well together and the images are nice and vivid. I’m very excited to see how it evolves overtime. Wishing you all the success with your latest venture.

If you want to check out the magazine for yourself, in digital or physical form or read the interview I did with the man behind the magazine, links for all that is below –


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