From Numskull to Super Rare Games

From Numskull to Super Rare Games

Today marks the start of a new chapter and the end of another in the gaming industry for Ryan Brown. If you’ve been following the gaming scene (especially the retro scene) for the last few years you will no doubt have come across Ryan in some sort of capacity.

He has some amazing jobs under his belt and each one as exciting as the last. His most recent employment was with Numbskull who make all sorts of amazing collectables, ranging from cosplay ducks in the forms of Tubbz. All the way to quarter arcade cabinets, which as the name suggest are ¼ sized arcade cabs of some of your favourite games! That’s quite a range.

As PR and communications, Brown ran the social media channels for Numskull Designs, along side their gaming division Numskull Games. I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Ryan when he was in this role and he was a joy to correspond with. He never made me feel like I was a bother to him, even with 100 questions being thrown his way. A sad day for Numskull to be losing such an asset but a huge gain for Super Rare Games who have welcomed him to their team with open arms.

I reached out to Ryan to answer a few questions about his move.

Today you announced it was your first day in your new role at Super Rare Games and sadly leaving behind your previous position at Numbskull. What prompted this sudden change in career.

I had a great time working on lots of awesome merch and games at Numskull, but Super Rare Games was a chance I absolutely couldn’t turn down! Video game preservation has always been a huge focus for me, and I’ve been collecting Super Rare Game’s releases since the start, so the opportunity to work on physical releases of awesome indie games was a once in a lifetime thing.

Are there any skills you learned at previous jobs that you think might benefit your new position.

Of course! Numskull was my first ever position in a PR and communications role, so I gained a lot of skills while I was there, and of course lots of amazing new friends and contacts.

Ryan got a lot of the retro folks together from the expo to pose for this amazing group shot

What are your fondest memories of working at Numskull?

Launching the TUBBZ – Cosplaying Ducks line is probably right up there. Working with so, so many big name brands was the sort of thing my childhood self would never believe I was doing. As someone that has cabinets full of gaming merch at home myself, it was amazing working on the sort of stuff I would otherwise have been buying for myself!

What are you most looking forward to working for Super Rare Games?

 I’ve been collecting rare print physical games for years, so to be working alongside indie developers to release awesome physical games is definitely the most exciting thing. I’ve already had a sneak peek at what’s to come during the year, and there are some truly exceptional games on the way!

Is there any other information you would like to share with the readers?

If you were already aware of Super Rare Games – hi! I hope I meet your expectations and look forward to chatting and collecting with you! If the company’s new to you, then definitely check us out – we’d love you to join our epic group of fans and collectors!

Site: Twitter: @Superraregames 

I’d like to thank Ryan for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions about his new role. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did and be sure to keep an eye out on Twitter for more from @toadsanime


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