Music Racer PS4 Review

Music Racer PS4 Review

Be warned if you have photosensitive epilepsy this game isn’t for you, it has flashing lights throughout.

Off the bat Music Racer feels like a throwback to the 90’s to me. The neon look and music give me those nostalgia vibes. Great soundtrack, 25 vehicles and 14 tracks, 3 difficulty modes and a cinematic mode a recipe for success right?  Let’s find out

Starting off you have a few vehicles and 2 tracks to chose from. You can customize the vehicles, giving the option to change the colour of the vehicle and the rims, making for some great combinations. You unlock the different vehicles and stages by racking up points through each level. The cars all feel the same (which is to be expected with a game like this). It’s all about the visuals after all.

The Gameplay

The game feels like most rhythm games, it’s like a cross between temple run and guitar hero. Unlike guitar hero something just feels slightly off. The notes don’t always line up with the beats as you’d expect. When it does it feels great but that’s few and far between sadly.

Before each race you chose the music, and track you’d like to race on which gives you some variation with each play-through.

As for controls, they couldn’t be simpler, left and right to move to a different part of the track and that’s it. Very easy to just pick up and play.

Difficulty Levels

There are 3 different difficulties to chose from, along with a cinematic mode which to me is basically a light show, it’s not something I enjoyed but can see why others would love it.

Zen – This is the games version of easy difficulty. The notes are the same but there are no obsticles in your way. Great for beginners, no way to lose. If you wanted you could just leave the car in a lane and let it play out and enjoy the visuals.

Standard – this is normal mode. Unlike zen there are now obstacles in the way. Pillars appear on the track giving you something to avoid while racing. Not to worry there’s not much repercussions for hitting these. You’ll temporarily disintegrate but within a second you’ll be fully repaired and continue down the track.

Hard – Same as standard but this time when you hit a pillar it’s game over. No second chances

Final Thoughts

There’s not much else I can say about the game, it’s a visual masterpiece but it lacks some feature that would make the game itself great. With other games in the genre it feels like a reward when you hit the right notes, with this one you don’t get that feeling. It’s small issues that could be fixed in an update, like the notes matching to the beats of the song and adding your own tracks (something which i’m not sure is possible on console). The custom music is available on the android version of the game (which is free on the play store) and that’s the version I would recommend checking out.

The way the game is now I can’t recommend it for the price (£5.79 on PS Store) especially when the Android version is available for free. But for those of you looking for an easy platinum this is a good choice, visuals and music are great which makes for an easy grind for me. You can get the trophy in just over a hour, with a cloud save trick.

Despite its flaws I think the game is great to play for half hour bursts, despite the fact that it’s a rhythm game that misses the notes in some places, it’s still fun, visuals and gameplay are great and it’s a relaxing game. I came away smiling each time I played it.

I’d like to thank the developer for providing me with a key for review but unfortunately it doesn’t get the BN seal of approval. If the issues I mentioned were addressed in an update and the price around the £2.99 mark then I’d say go buy it, but for now I say you’d be better off grabbing the Android version.

Overall I’d give Music Racer a 5.5/10

What do you think, have you played the game? Let me know your thoughts.


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