Xbox One Style Switch Pro Controller

Xbox One Style Switch Pro Controller

Today we have another switch controller from Techken to review. With it’s design you’d be forgiven for thinking it was actually a controller for the Xbox One. In fact it’s what my wife thought it was at first glance. As to be expected all the buttons and features of a Switch Pro controller are present. It has the big home button on the front, and reset button on the top (similar to the sync button on a Xbox One controller). I love this design though, the concave thumb sticks are a better choice for me and I’m glad this controller opted for them over the convex ones seen on a normal pro controller.


With it’s design it would be impossible to accidentally use the snapshot feature when trying to press the minus button, something I was doing a lot when I first got my switch, probably due to my large hands. The plus and minus are nicely displayed on the front in the form of 2 tic tac shaped buttons. All the buttons have a nice clicky feel and the d pad doesn’t feel squishy as you find on a lot of 3rd party controllers. I had no wrong or missed inputs over many hour gaming sessions with this controller.


Vibration is available if required but it’s not a feaure I use personally so I always have it turned off. But on testing it, it is more akin to the rumble you would find on a ps4 or xbox one controller and not the HD rumble you get with joy cons or the Pro controller itself. There is no NFC support so if you’re looking to use your amiibo with this you’ll need to scan it with your regular joycon instead. The Gyro features are there and work well when tested, you can move your characters as you would expect to.


Simple set up like the other one I reviewed, press the sync button and after a few seconds it will show up, you can also plus the cable into a USB port on the dock and it’ll sync as well. This is the method I use personally as I have a USB C cable by my Switch. You only need to do this step once and you’re good to go. Up and running in less than 20 seconds. The controller doesn’t wake your console up from sleep mode so you’ll need to turn it on at the console then turn on the controller to play.

Value for money

This controller comes in at just under half the price of an official Pro controller with almost all the features (except nfc support and HD rumble). It’s perfect for me in design, size and affordability. You would be hard pressed to find a better switch controller for the price, you can even buy 2 and have some change left over for the price of 1 official pro controller.

Overall Out Of 5

Design – 4

Usability – 5

Quality – 4.5

Recommended – 5

The folks over at Techken were kind enough to send me one of these controllers for review. But all views on the controller are my own. I look at any item I review (even if I got it sent to me for free), as if I bought it myself. Would I be happy if I paid full price? Yes, 100%, it’s got the BN seal of approval.

If you’d like to purchase this for yourself you can use the affiliate link here –


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  1. BN seal of approval you say, sounds good to me, and with that review think I’ll be getting one at least of these 🤘🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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